The initial book launch was at Codecamp Iași in October 2018. Codecamp is the largest IT conference in Romania

Fun & Fearless Leadership is my entire experience and knowledge systemised into a 7 step approach for effective leadership, of yourself, of your team, of your company.

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Coming out of Romania’s booming software industry, Fun & Fearless is a book of leadership stories and practices developed in unusual circumstances, in an emerging industry built from the remnants of an old world, by a generation that had no models before them to follow. The world of software is the background, but this is a leadership and management book that will help anyone willing to take a good look at themselves, improve their leading skills, be brave and have some fun doing it.

Andrei speaks from his experience, starting out as software developer, moving to management and senior management and then on his own as a management and leadership consultant. He writes about leadership, of yourself, of a team, of a company. Packed with real life stories and insightful perspectives, Fun & Fearless Leadership addresses everything from the challenge of giving honest one to one feedback, to hiring better, promoting wiser, building great teams, understanding and shaping a company culture, and it does it all in a direct, no nonsense, honest way, telling it like it is.

The Fun & Fearless system is split into 7 steps, starting with introspection in “A long, hard look into the mirror” and continuing with “Start strong, end well”, “The miracle of compassionate radical honesty”, “Get the right people”, “Culture”, “Building fluent teams” and “The magic”. Never short on plainly stated truths and the occasional cold shower, Fun & Fearless Leadership ultimately ends up strengthening and empowering, encouraging you to optimistically grab the opportunities in front of you and rise to the occasion so you can become the leader you always knew, and maybe hoped, that you could be.

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Some pics from the book launch @ Codecamp Iași